Thursday, August 30, 2012

FYI: OBIEE 10g to 11g Upgrade Process Validation Plan and bug 1467168.1 (Multiple Pie Charts Displayed for a Pivot Table)

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So you've just completed your 10g repository and web catalog upgrade to Oracle's new 11g platform, congratulations! Per Oracle's Fusion Middleware Upgrade Guide for OBIEE 11g you're now ready to to perform, in my opinion, the most difficult task of the upgrade process : the validation of the upgraded environment (as pictured below):

A comprehensive OBIEE validation plan should include the following:

  1. A thorough comparison of functionality of existing reports in the web catalog
  2. Confirmation of customizations in the repository, including but not limited to:
    1. level based measures
    2. physical/bmm star schema
    3. complex joins
    4. derived measures
    5. hierarchies
    6. variables (session, static, dynamic)
  3. Security - the upgrade to 11g will require you to make security changes to your 10g model, so customization is required, but you'll want to confirm the following none the less:
    1. object level security in the web catalog
    2. data level security in the repository
      1. note* that any filters applied to your Groups in the 10g rpd will not be present in the 11g RPD as groups have been removed from the metadata layer completely
Security Manager 10g:

Security (Identity) Manager 11g:

Now as you complete step 1 of your validation plan ( A thorough comparison of functionality of existing reports in the web catalog)

You notice that all of your 10g pivot table pie charts are all being generated incorrectly! Rather than 1 pie with x slices, your 11g pivot table pie charts are x pies each with one slice.

10g pivot table pie chart:

11g pivot table pie chart:

Before you begin the process of estimating hours to manually re-configure every pie chart in your system, WAIT!

This is actually a known  bug [ID 1467168.1] which can be fixed using Oracle's oPatch software and Patch 14003822 via Oracle Support

The steps on how to apply this patch, or even utilizing oPatch in general, are hazy at best so below is a step by step outline on using oPatch w/ Patch 14003822 :

Step 1: Identify your oPatch directory

Normally located in your $ORACLE_HOME/opatch directory. After identifying your directory, add the oPatch path to your system PATH variable as you'll be running the 'opatch' application from command line.

Step 2:  Confirm core oPatch files exist 

By running the following via command line:

  - opatch lsinventory -jre $ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre
Your output should be familiar to the screen below:

Step 3:  Install  Patch 14003822

Navigate to the directory that contains your unzipped Patch folder 14003822 and perform the following command:

   - opatch apply -jre $ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre
Your screen should be similar to:

A successful patch will result in the following message:

Step 4: Validate Changes



Original 10g chart for reference:

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